Why Restaurants Are So Fucked — Part II

“Labor problems are causing major disruptions in the supply chain, making it difficult for meat processors to get staff to produce chicken or beef and leaving distributors without drivers to get goods to restaurants.” — Restaurant Business

“Taco Bell declared: “Due to ingredient shortages and delivery delays, we may be out of some items.” Fans turned to social media with their disappointment. “For anyone craving Taco Bell, they don’t have chicken or beef, national shortage or something... I just ate black beans in a hard shell” a customer tweeted. “They couldn’t make burritos since they were out of tortillas, and none of the tacos had lettuce or tomato” another posted on Reddit.” — CBS

“First there was a chicken shortage. Now a dipping sauce shortage has Chick-fil-A rationing handouts, allowing just one sauce per entrée. The company said it is doing everything it can to restore its supply. “Due to industrywide supply chain disruptions, we are experiencing a shortage of select items.” — CBS


“Menu inflation hit a 39-year high as soaring costs for labor and food led restaurants to increase prices. Prices for limited-service rose 7.9% over the past year. This level of inflation typically pushes consumers away, but grocery prices are not much better, rising 6.4% year-over-year, and outpacing restaurants for the past 3 months.” — Restaurant Business

“Airlines will receive billions of dollars to pay flight attendants, pilots and other employees. This agreement will fully support airline industry workers and preserve the vital role airlines play in our economy. They will get over a very tough period of time that was not caused by them.” — New York Times

“Other industries have received targeted federal relief. The first COVID package dedicated nearly $50B to help airlines avoid mass layoffs. Then, they passed another $900B emergency stopgap including the Save Our Stages Act for live venues forced to close. The restaurant industry did not receive dedicated funding, though few sectors have suffered as much.”— Mother Jones

“Restaurants deserve a cash infusion that is direct and commensurate with the blow the pandemic has dealt the sector. The government shut down our industry, which I completely understand for public safety. What isn’t rational is not planning for the ramifications of having to lay off our workers.” — CBS

“Another group shoulders some of the blame: consumers who have treated workers poorly and led some to quit and refuse to return to the industry.” — Business Insider



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